Custom Post Types (Events/Case Studies etc…)

A lot of websites I build will also have some Custom Post Types. These are sections of the CMS that allow you to manage content more relevant to your business. For example Events, Case Studies, Testimonials, Galleries etc… These are often powered by the same Flexible Content Block system that powers your Posts / Pages. For these, and for field information you can refer to our Flexible Content Blocks documentation.

Locating your posts #

Generally the CMS will be very well labelled and easy to find what you’re looking for. As an example we’ll look at an Events calendar setup. You can start by clicking in to Events on the left hand menu which will reveal your events:

To see how this screen works, you can refer to the Managing Blog Posts section. This will explain how to add new, edit, trash etc.

Managing Posts #

So to edit your post/event/testimonial/case study, click in to it by clicking the title. Fields are all available to you in here, and as mentioned above if there are flexible components you can refer to the documents mentioned above.

Once you’ve finished editing, click Publish or Update at the top right.

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