Glenn Taylor Digital Logo

What we do

We're a small digital agency in Pudsey, we cover three core areas in the digital media world. First up is website design, second is website development and finally we are able to help with imagery and other content. During any project we spend time with you to understand your requirements, we can then work with you to produce a plan that works for your business. Throughout this process we always look for ways to help unlock any additional enhancements that we think will benefit you.

Website Design

We've been designing websites and applications for over 15 years, we have a tremendous amount of experience in the design field. We have spent years researching how users interact with websites and pride ourselves on designing for great user experience.


Development is our core offering, we can develop websites, web applications and even hybrid mobile applications. With our extensive knowledge we can help your business expand with a fantastic website or solve complex business problems with bespoke web applications.


Although Glenn Taylor Digital was created to advertise and showcase our digital media skills, we run a separate business called Glenn Taylor Photography. With our additional skillsets in the media production world we can help showcase your business and/or products in the best way.